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> http://www.ucomics.com/foxtrot/2002/10/31/

I don't much information about Halloween but I received following link with some
description on another list. Here I copy it all:


This is pretty neat. Apparently the owners of this house had been seeing images
and hearing voices for quite a while. They did some research and found that a
lady once lived in the house who lost her husband during the civil war.
Legend says that she used to sit at the table and look across the fields in
anticipation of her loved one returning home. He never came. So, they say she
still waits.

They caught this photo of what they claim to be her.  Its a little spooky once
you find the ghost in the picture. It takes the average person about 30 seconds
to find it, but when you do it just stands out. Like one of those optical
illusions. But you should give it around two or three minutes before giving up.

To save you some time, concentrate around the table.  Best not to focus too much
on one spot. Look around the table and toward the windows.  Go to the website
below for the picture and make sure you maximize your browser.

For an added touch turn up the volume, it's faint but you can hear the ghost
talking sometimes in a low murmur.  No lie......it's too frightening!



Syed Zeeshan Haider.

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