[thechat] the driest spot in the world

Elfur Logadottir elfur at members.evolt.org
Mon Nov 4 17:55:00 CST 2002

From: "Luther, Ron" <Ron.Luther at hp.com>

| Hi Iris,
| Having lived further up north than I currently do ...
| I don't think this is correct.  The outside temperature
| is often below zero when it's snowing - sometimes quite
| a bit below zero.   ;-)

without having anything but my own opinion to base this on. i think that
the snow falling has a lot to do with the temperature above ground ... you
know, in the sky, as well as on ground. It could be freezing cold on the
ground, with some kind of horizontal air layering (missing the english
lingo here) where the hotter air is above the cold air causing the humidity
to drop and freeze on its way to the ground.

the rain turns into snow at around 0°C and my guestimation would be that it
would stop snowing around -10°C (if that high). Remember, this is only
based on my experience living in iceland. i have no factual data behind
this at all.

but there is a point where it gets to cold to snow (as on Antarctica). Most
of the time when we think it's freezing outside and still it's snowing, is
because of windcooling. (know a lot about that element, living in Iceland
thank you)

 ... it almost never rains vertically, it's at least 45° if not plain
horizontal due to wind.
umbrellas are not often seen in iceland, and if seen then rarely open and
above your head.

anyways, off to enjoy the last days of fall before the winter knocks on the


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