[thechat] US Elections. Today I am pissed.

abbey abbey at abbeyink.com
Wed Nov 6 16:34:01 CST 2002

On Wednesday 06 November 2002 03:14 pm, you wrote:
> (I just posted this to another list, and it sums up how I feel today
> pretty well. As always, I have more of a meta-opinion than an opinion)
> Point of order:
> What percentage of eligible (registered and unregistered)  voters
> actually voted in this election? Anyone have a good source on voter
> turnout nationwide?
> Is it still like 1 in 3 people eligible who vote?

I haven't seen this reported in quite some time now, but I too am pissed

Seems we now have the State of Chicago, U.S.A., so Syed, we're not _all_
Republicans, those here in the state formerly known as Illinois (did I
mention I'm a little pissed), seem to prefer career Democrats.

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