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% Cookies vs. cake. Or neither. That works.
% Death or life. No middle ground.
% Terrorism or no terrorism. No middle ground.
% Security of a country and it's citizens. Or not. 1 or 0.
% Or neutral. Of course it's a choice. But don't harbor, condone
% or support terrorism and then want to be neutral or left alone,
% and think that there won't be consequences. That doesn't work.

You missed out the obvious dichomtomy by which America
usually likes to define itself (and the one which endears
it more to the rest of the world):  Right or wrong?

I suspect the problem people have with your argument as
it may relate to US foreign policy is that the US insists
that it actions are principled, yet systematically commits
appalling breaches against that ideal by either commission
(bombing Cambodia, causing the Khmer Rouge, then *supporting*
the Khmer Rouge as the legitimate govt of Cambodia even as
it was busy exterminating one in every five people in the
whole fucking country, for example), or omission (by picking
and choosing which offensive dictatorships in the Middle East
are acceptable *this week*).

I genuinely believe that most US citizens are in favour of
Doing The Right Thing.  Would that some party might offer
them a candidate who could deliver.

John Handelaar

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