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% > Or neutral. Of course it's a choice. But don't harbor, condone
% > or support terrorism and then want to be neutral or left alone,
% Gives the UK perfect right to assassinate a high proportion of Irish
% Americans for support of Noraid, I would think.

More than that, Ireland itself *loathes* these people,
colloquially known as 'plastic paddies'.  Dumb-ass
eighth-generation (with a tailwind) wannabe Irish men -
always middle aged fatass men - trying to raise cash
in bars from other dumbass drunkards for 'the cause',
where $cause == 'killing innocent civilians in Ireland
and elsewhere'.

In the end it seems to have died out, not because of
Clinton's reclassification of Noraid as a terrorist
organisation (yay) helpful though that was, but more
because of the kind of thing I saw in Chicago a couple
of years ago in Irish bars which actually employed
young Irish travelling staff.  Idiot fundraisers showed
up in the bar, Irish-passport-carrying bar staff told
them to getthefuckout if they didn't want to become
intimate with a baseball bat.  Fair warmed the cockles
of my heart, so it did...

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