[thechat] SMS causing more divorces in India

Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Sun Nov 10 14:20:01 CST 2002

Hey Ashok,

You thought Shatrughan Sinha was bad? Listen to this:


 From the "shut the fuck up or I'll punch your lights out" department:


A human rights group on Sunday launched a campaign in Delhi against Short
Message Services, arguing SMS has become a root of divorces in India where
mobile telephones are the latest craze.

Activists with the National Human Rights Council staged a demonstration and
burned a cellular telephone in a unique protest against the pithy messages
which are now crowding the Indian ether.

"SMS is against Indian etiquettes and culture and is the cause of numerous
divorces in the recent past," council president Subhash Gupta said after
the noisy protest in the heart of Delhi.


It's people like these that give India a bad name.

Is there nothing in this country that will not invite the ire of some
nutcase "protecting Indian culture"?



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