[thechat] US Elections

Erika Meyer erika at seastorm.com
Tue Nov 12 18:54:13 CST 2002

>Yep. Empires rise and fall... and they fall particularly quickly when the
>focus moves from empire building to empire ruling... which takes much less

I think empire ruling would take *more* imagination... but only if
you wanted to do it well and for very long.  But not so macho-sexy.
Not as easy to do in sound-bites.

mm... remember the scenes of those war planes fueling up at the
beginning of Doctor Strangelove?  now that's sexy.

Anyway, our mythology says we must always build, conquer, control.
PROGRESS!  Progress that never ends!... we will build missile
shields, colonies in space! computers to raise our children!
genetically modified, copyrighted, species!... progress!  control!

It will never end, of course.
These things never do.


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