[thechat] Know anyone in Rio de Janeiro?

Isaac Forman isaac at triplezero.com.au
Wed Nov 13 13:45:01 CST 2002


Getting a little hopeful here, but it's probably worth a shot...

My gf and I will be in Rio during March 3-6 2003, and we're not having any
luck securing accommodation due to the timing of Carnaval/Mardis Gras (March

Hostels that are normally US$10/night are asking for US$300 for 5 night
packages in dormitories, etc.

Can anyone recommend any accommodation, or do you know anyone in Rio who we
could beg (and pay!) to crash at their place?

I'm actually considering mass-emailing any inhabitants of Rio that I can
find on the web to offer them cash for a spare room...

If nothing comes up, our choices are paying US$200/night for a hotel,
enduring single-sex dormitories (yawn!), or altering our itinerary to see
Rio at a different time and missing Carnaval...


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