[thechat] US Elections. Today I am pissed.

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Thu Nov 14 09:03:02 CST 2002

Ken Kogler wrote:
> > I don't see my use of the term
> > "islamic terrorism" as inflammatory.
> I don't either, but then again, I'm not islamic.
> > When an abortion group bombs a clinic or kills
> > a doctor here in the US I have no problem
> > calling that Christian Terrorism.
> See, as a Christian, I find *that* one inflammatory. I know you're not
> saying that all Christians are terrorists, but your statement implies
> that all Christians condone the killings as part of their religion.
> I would imagine that an islamic individual would feel exactly the same
> way when "islamic terrorism" is mentioned -- a "don't you dare lump me
> in with a small percentage of misguided fools" reaction, if you will...

as would Irish Terrorism, but you hear that bandied about a fair bit too.

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