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Mon Nov 25 18:37:01 CST 2002

From: "Scott Dexter" <sgd at ti3.com>

| >
| > Wasn't santa invented in, like, 1920 or something?
| The current westernized Santa, the fat man with white beard, was
| invented by the Coca-Cola Bottling company as part of their advertising
| campaigns, I believe back in the '20s. Before that, Kris Kringle, the
| European version, tall and thin, was the icon of Christmas....

(since proven false, but still, i have to reply ;)

and then there's the icelandic version:

(at least) 13 different santas (yulemen) plus parents ... who all started
out as scoundrels, stealing and peaking etc.

looking for good english reference ...

don't know how good, but interesting ...
(explains in some detail how santa today is derived from St. Nicholas, and
then also the icelandic version)
(another website explaining the icelandic yulemen/yuletide lads)
an introduction of the icelandic yule tradition, yuletide lads and all

and the names: Sausage Snatcher, Window Peeper, Sniffer, Meat Hook, Pot
Scraper, etc. ...

(this one is in icelandic, from our national museum, but displays photos of
all 13 in the order they appear; one each night for the last 13 nights
before dec 24)
(this one is also in icelandic, but displays a more recent version of the
13 yulemen, need to scroll down to bottom see them)

and last but certainly not least, their mother, the troll Grýla (read:


how's that for hijacking a thread ...

*the 'sneaking-from-statistics-study' one*

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