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Chris Spruck cspruck at mindspring.com
Tue Nov 26 12:00:01 CST 2002

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From: Madhu Menon <webguru at vsnl.net>
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> If some of you American fellas weren't quite sure that old George W Bush didn't have his eye on things, the picture below can't be very reassuring:


I'm certainly no GWB apologist (quite the opposite actually), but this is just further proof that you shouldn't believe everything you see on the internet.

From: http://www.hyperorg.com/blogger/mtarchive/000016.html

"I looked at the vision device closely and it looks like its a pair of NVDs (Night Vision Devices), not binoculars. For the unknowing, NVDs are kept capped during the day as the lens burns out if exposed to very bright light."

So of course, I immediately thought "what kind of dope tries night vision goggles in broad daylight?". Thus:

"There is a pinhole in the lenscap that lets in only enough light to active the close tint (the green shades you see when you look through a night vision scope) so you get an idea of what it does at night."

And of course, there's a shot of Clinton doing the same thing at http://www.snopes.com/photos/binoculars.htm


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