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Chris Marsh wrote:
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> I don't know if you are
> aware of the case of one Jamie Bulger, but he was an innocent young
> child[1] who was abducted and tortured to death. Who by? A couple of
> other children.
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> [0] Or whatever PC nonsense is used to describe a child's guardian these
> days.
> [1] I didn't bother looking up the details as they are irrelevant to the
> point at hand.

I think exactly what happened to Jamie Bulger is somewhat prescient given
the leading conversation regarding children and their unmonitored actions
away from their parents or guardians.  If you're squeamish, I don't suggest
reading below the buffer space I've left.

On the 12th of February, 1993, Jamie Bulger, aged 2, was murdered by Jon
Venables and Robert Tompson, both aged 10.  They all came from Liverpool,
England.  Jon and Robert were trialed, found guilty, and remanded without
fixed term at Her Majesty's pleasure, although the tariff (the actual
sentence) was set at 8 years, and they were released in June 2001.  They
have been released back to society, with new identities for them and their
families.  The media has been legally barred from ever publishing their
photographs, descriptions of their likenesses, their new identities, or
their whereabouts.


A summary of the events ... this is rather disturbing, and even recalling it
now, nearly 10 years on, makes me feel ill.

The older boys lured Jamie away from the shopping centre where he was with
his mother - this was caught on the centres CCTV, believe it or not, and was
a critical part of evidence at the trial.  As they walked away from the
centre, they brutalised and hurt him.  They took him to a railway track
where they battered him with rocks, bricks and an iron bar.  After killing
him, he was left half naked on the railway track by the older boys, in a
vain attempt to disguise what had happened as an accident.  Jamie's body was
later cut in half by a train.

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