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John Handelaar john at evolt.org.uk
Tue Nov 26 17:17:00 CST 2002

On Tue, 2002-11-26 at 21:20, Erika Meyer wrote:
> Chris Mash wrote:
> >If there was a chance that this tragedy would never have
> >occurred had the two attackers been properly disciplined, and if one of
> >the methods of discipline available to the parents, schools and
> >authorities had been corporal in nature, can you really say that it
> >would not have been a good thing that this method of discipline was
> >*available*[2]?
> if and if...

Indeed.  I sure as hell *can* say it *might* have been a
good thing if this method of 'punishment' were unavailable,
since children learn by example.

> It is illegal to strike an adult; it should be illegal to strike a
> child.  I call it abuse.


Because it fucking *is*.  The law prevents anyone else
dishing out physical violence to minors (and adults) - indeed
in most jurisdictions you need a bloody good excuse to avoid
jail if you transgress.

But if you 'own' the property it's OK?  Bollocks.  The same
argument was used to excuse domestic violence in most jurisdictions
until the courts got wise in the 70s.

Mercifully, the way things are going in the UK suggests that
the European Convention on Human Rights will make this kind of
medieval crap illegal shortly.  (For Tara - it was banned outright
in a school environment shortly after you left.)


And especially one slightly intemperate rant for Chris:

Given that most apologists for beating the shit out of children
(slap / beating the shit out of, not a lot of legal difference
between the two providing you're careful about not leaving scars)
claim that it's about the 'parent's right to parent'.  Ergo,
where the f*ck do you get off defending an adult punching a
9-year-old - against the parent's wishes?

[Mantra kicks in to self:  don't worry, you're leaving the country soon,
don't worry, you're leaving the country soon, don't worry, you're
leaving the country soon, don't worry, you're leaving the country

Jeez, you need to pass a test to drive a moped, but any vindictive
*lazy* inadequate retard can cause physical pain to a toddler at will,
providing it's a blood relative.

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