[thechat] The youth today... [WAS: santa question - quickie]

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Tue Nov 26 18:14:00 CST 2002

aha.  Not sure what to think of this site...

my dad used to have a collection of English Victorian erotica/porn
writings.  Schoolmasters spanking schoolgirls with was definitely a
dominant theme.

We had a paddle at my Jr High.  Parents had to give permission for
its use.  It was an alternative to suspension (when parents didn't
want to deal with their kids guess what they chose).  I remember this
one kid who got paddled constantly.

BTW our Vice Principal did the paddling.  These are other things he
did (in a public jr high school).  He told us girls we should always
wear dresses at least on Fridays.  He had a special club which
involved almost exclusively cheerleaders and it is said that he gave
them "advice" about abortion and other personal matters.  He allowed
9th grade boys to assault 7th grade boys for stepping on "the 9th
grade lawn."   He told my mother and me that "Porkys" was a good
movie because it accurately reflected jr high life.  When kids were
caught bringing drugs (usually marijuana) to school, he would
confiscate the stash, but he never called police.  The potheads used
to joke he was keeping the stash for himself.  Later, I heard he was
busted for growing dope (pretty common in that neck of the woods) and
I do not think he works in the schools anymore.

Just going off down memory lane...  eww.


>what is "slippering"?


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