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Ashok Hariharan Ashok at MagicalKenya.com
Wed Nov 27 03:24:00 CST 2002

Erika :

I have been following this thread, and to be honest I am very confused....
I dont mean to be rude or maybe I am just unable to place myself in your

I dont understand what everybody is complaining about ? Some of you people
dont sound happy with your lives.
Corporal punishment in schools is very common in india (at least 10 years
that is). Am I scarred mentally because of that ? No.  Do I blame that for
problems ? I dont. My dad belted me a few times, do i blame him for my
problems? No i dont, hes a great guy.

I heard government welfare mentioned- where I live and where I have
lived there is no concept of government welfare there is a loose concept of
"government".  Do i attempt to blow my head off or drown myself in booze
of that?  I dont, I get on with my life.

Believe me when i tell you, I am a very happy person with whatever i have
the people that  i am around, and because of that I really feel  for you.
I know a lot of
people like myself, but whose problems of a much greater magnitude, yet
they are happy.
I have a friend who has a serious corneal defect which means he could lose
within the next 10 years.  Of course, rectifying the problem is financially
not viable for him.
This guy is one of the happiest people i know of, hes happy that he can at
see for now....

Would i feel the same if i were you? I dont know, I am not you...

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