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Lachlan Cannon luminosity at members.evolt.org
Wed Nov 27 07:32:00 CST 2002

Drew Shiel wrote:
> At 00:13 28/11/2002 +1100, Lachlan Cannon wrote:
>> Drew Shiel wrote:
>>>   Given that it's impossible to completely make safe a normal household
>>> environment, what do you suggest instead of a slap for this purpose?
>> Make sure your house is safe before you have the kids?
>   Short of removing all the furniture and covering the electrical outlets,
> is this possible?

Obviously not totally possible, but you can do your damn best. Make sure
plugs aren't exposed where kids can get to them. Keep things out of
reach, especially forks, for example. Obviously they might be able to
hit their head on furniture or something, but you can make sure stuff is
padded, and that there are no sharp edges. It's obviously impossible to
be totally safe, but I think you can get pretty damn safe.

>> Make sure someone
>> is always keeping an eye out for them?
>   Is that possible either? I know that even though my mother was a
> full-time at-home mother, she still had to take an eye off us occasionally
> to answer the door or the phone, or to attend to housework. What you're
> recommending here seems to be that someone be there 100% of the time, just
> to child-mind?

Not necessarily 100% of the time but there should always be someone who
knows where the kid is, and looks over to check on them every few
minutes. If the parent is cooking what's wrong with putting the young
child in a high chair beside you while you're making the stuff, for example?
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