[thechat] The youth today... [WAS: santa question - quickie]

Chris Marsh chris at webbtech.co.uk
Thu Nov 28 10:09:04 CST 2002

> And especially one slightly intemperate rant for Chris:
> Given that most apologists for beating the shit out of
> children (slap / beating the shit out of, not a lot of legal
> difference between the two providing you're careful about not
> leaving scars) claim that it's about the 'parent's right to
> parent'.  Ergo, where the f*ck do you get off defending an
> adult punching a 9-year-old - against the parent's wishes?

With the greatest of respect, this is simply a knee-jerk reaction. I
believe you'll have a job showing that I have *ever* advocated beating
the shit out anyone, let alone a child. I have "smacked" my child in the
past (VERY infrequently) and I was delivering a very clear message. The
message was that he had continually broken a given rule, knowing full
well what he was doing. Having reached a certain stage, he gets a smack.
He also gets an explanation as to why what he did was wrong (again) and
why he is getting a smack. The smack itself is merely a symbol. It is
clear from his reaction that he treats the punishment as most severe,
but I don't actually "hurt" him in the sense that I hit him to cause
pain. The point is the symbol of the line being crossed, and one's
actions having consequence.

[Chris takes a moment to remove John's words from his mouth]

I certainly never mentioned anything about "a parent's right to parent",
and I most CERTAINLY never defended an adult punching anyone, let alone
a child.

> [Mantra kicks in to self:  don't worry, you're leaving the
> country soon, don't worry, you're leaving the country soon,
> don't worry, you're leaving the country soon, don't worry,
> you're leaving the country soon...]
> Jeez, you need to pass a test to drive a moped, but any vindictive
> *lazy* inadequate retard can cause physical pain to a toddler
> at will, providing it's a blood relative.

Again, I must state that I advocate that corporal punishment not be
*illegal* in concept. I am not an apologist for mindless violence.


Chris Marsh

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