[thechat] Ellen Feiss, the interview

Lauri Vain lauri_lists at tharapita.com
Thu Nov 28 12:36:00 CST 2002


> I haven't seen these Apple ads (Apple doesn't do much business
> here in India - for good reason) so I have to rely on screenshots.


Hmmm... India. These years here, and I always thought that you were FROM
India, but worked somewhere IN England. Eh, silly old me.

> Well-known, apparently. Ridiculed, certainly. Has her own fan
> club? I don't think so.
> But this is the Net, so I wouldn't be surprised if there *is* a
> Feiss fan club.

Heh, rudy has the potential to be her fan club... yes, even all alone,
if need be (correct, rude?).

Actually, rudy, I'm with you man -- all the way on this one :)


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