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At 05:11 AM 29-11-02, John Handelaar wrote:
>Racist immigration legislation, more like.  You need
>a sponsoring employer to stay longer than a few weeks
>if you're from Madhu's part of the world.

True, true.

John, is there a good site to visit for info on work visas and the like to
the UK? I know I can Google it, but I expect it to throw hundreds of sites,
and I'd rather go straight to the useful sites.

Is there any consideration given to the reputation of family members? My
father has been visiting UK several times a year for more than a couple of
decades now. He's got a multiple entry visa for ten years. He's practically
a British citizen. :p I think he even knows several people in the British
High Commission here.

I know what I should do... change from an atheist to a religious "guru"
like that freakin' Maharishi. There are special visas to the US for the
"religious" people. :P

I have a Muslim friend who works in a software company as a QA guy. He was
supposed to go to California on assignment along with 9 others from his
company for three months. The other 9 got visas, but he didn't. Apparently,
he couldn't satisfy the visa officer that he'd return. I told him that he
got a double whammy. As a software pro, they were afraid he'd become an
illegal immigrant. With a name like Mujib, they were afraid he'd blow
something up. Or worse, they were afraid he'd become an illegal immigrant
who'd blow something up. ;)



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