[thechat] Pass the cluestick, Alice

martin martin at easyweb.co.uk
Fri Nov 29 05:51:00 CST 2002

On Friday, November 29, 2002, at 08:04  am, Seb wrote:

> At 23:45 28/11/2002, you wrote:
>> Just spotted this on thelist:
>> http://www.bitsandpixels.co.uk
>> *Requires* Flash player 6.
>> "Using *nix?  I don't want *your* money."
> Of course, if you have Flash 6 and want to see what John's talking
> about,
> try this url:
> http://www.bitsandpixels.co.uk/index.php?noFlashPlugin=true

The thing is though, that page contains the entire content of the site
without the Flash cruft. While that's a reasonable way of making the
site generally accessible, it raises the following questions:
1) Why bother with the Flash version?
2) Why put on the "You're crap" section at the start of that page - if
they'd left it just at the content, it would have been fine - when all
it does is upset potential clients?

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