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Hi Scott,

Robert L. May.

Rudolph was actually a comic book.  My understanding was that they
were stacked up at the registers and given away free (or with
purchases) at Monkey Ward in 1939. It was a very successful promotion.

<Doing more research /> Dang!  In 1939 they gave away 2.4 million of
these comic books.  Printing was halted for a few years during the war
and resumed later. By the end of 1946 they had given away 6 million
of these comic books. In January 1947, Montgomery Ward turned over the
rights to Robert May ... so they stopped giving these away.

I thought it was a one year deal. Now I have to figure out how you
tell a 1939 printing from a later printing. Hmmmmm ... I'll have
to dig into that.

Why? Because it's a 'collectible'. 10 years ago the 'book value' on
these buggers was $300.  About 8 years ago I found one for sale for $75.
Although very tempted, I walked away.  Good thing, too! I bought one a
year or two later for less than $25 - I think from the same seller.

Now I have see if I can figure out if it's a first printing or a later

(Hmmm ... I see some offered for sale as "true" first editions, and at
least one marked as 'second state'. Prices all over the map ... from
$40 up to $450! I'll have to look for a reference book.)

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Rudolph, the ninth reindeer, with a red and shiny nose, was invented
in 1939 by an advertising writer for the Montgomery Ward Company."

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