[thechat] Gee, that time again...

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Fri Dec 6 15:14:01 CST 2002


Y'all ain't heard 'bout "Bubba Claus"?

His sleigh pulled by coon dogs with names like 'Earnhardt',
and 'Petty'?

Leavin' an RC and a moonpie on the mantle for him?

Making sure to set out a spit cup, 'cause even though Bubba don't
smoke no pipe, he sho nuff has been known to dip some?

Turning the other way when Bubba puts them presents under the tree?
('Cuz unlike his cousin Santa, Bubba don't wear no belt!)

Hmmmm .... Must be onea them 'cultural' thangs!

(They celebrate [pretty much anything] heartily down South heah!
A former girlfriend here lived in a neighborhood where many homeowners
had additional 100 amp circuits installed ... just to power their
Christmas lights.  The last time I helped her set up her decorations
we had to go buy more rebar ... no ... I'm not kidding.  Rebar! I still
think needing rebar to put up your decorations is a pretty clear sign
you've gone waaaaaay too far.)

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I don't know how southerners celebrate Christmas

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