[thechat] Free beer

Chris Spruck cspruck at mindspring.com
Sun Dec 8 21:13:00 CST 2002

At 13:23 12/9/2002 +1030, isaac wrote:
> > Congrats, by the way. I'd drink a virtual beer for you if beer didn't
> > taste like the proverbial horse-piss...

Lach - anyone saying this has obviously not had the right kind of hors.. errr, beer. :) I seem to recall saying the same thing, back when I was younger and didn't know any better. I've since been enlightened.

>Print this out. Date it and sign it. Lock it up somewhere.
>Take it out in 5 years and have a laugh. ;)

Hilarious, Isaac!

And congrats to the anniversary admins!


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