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Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Sun Dec 8 21:52:01 CST 2002

At 09:12 AM 09-12-02, Lachlan Cannon wrote:
>Hmm.. I was always taught that when you had a list of people your name
>always went last and was always "I". Damn you, education system!

The "I" going last is merely for politeness. "I and Lach went on a trip" is
as correct as "Lach and I went on a trip".

Isaac's test is the easiest. Remove all the other people from the sentence
and see whether "I" or "me" is more appropriate. I would've used "I" if I
wrote it like this: "Joel, Garrett, Ben, and I completed one year as admins
of evolt.org."

That reminds me... I have a long explanation to type for a recent article
edit I made. :p



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