[thechat] Car Audio Questions

phil crawford crawford_phil at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 11 18:12:01 CST 2002

Not much of a tip, but one thing to keep in mind is that speakers are most
often blown due to underpowering them.  What happens is the amp, while
trying to pump out a bunch of watts, starts sending really awful signals to
the speakers.  The speakers don't like this and they die the death you

So, always, always have lots of power to protect your speakers.

Course the power ratings of amps are about as ridiculously over stated as
the ratings of vacuum cleaners, but that's a different thread.

>So, I'm thinking of getting new speakers (4x) and
>maybe a power amp. I haven't looked into decent
>audio stuff in years and am looking for a bit of
>guidance. Last Christmas I bought my wife and my
>son each a CD player for their cars. Got 'em at
>Fry's. Koss. $49 each. Junk.Junk.Junk.Junk.Junk.
>One CD player lasted about 5 weeks, the other
>about 5 months. Both radios still work. Grrrrr.
>1) I don't want to buy JUNK.
>2) I want to be able to crank up Ozzie and/or
>      Grieg without frying the voice coils*
>3) Of course, I want to spend as little as
>      possible

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