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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Dec 12 07:13:01 CST 2002

Hi Chris,

These kind of things?


(Graphics #1 and #3, (numbering LTR), just above the shopping basket link)

This other site seems to think they are called EMS (Electric Muscle
http://www.electronicmusclestimulation.co.uk/start.htm ... and offers
about 7 different ones for sale.

However, 'Go Ask Alice', doesn't much care for these buggers:

These folks don't think much about them either:

Sorry Chris, thinking seems to be that these are good devices for physical
therapy or in recovering from certain kinds of injury --- as opposed to a
effective way to lose weight or build muscle mass.


(I'm VERY glad my chiro has heavy duty electro-stim muscle devices ... they
have helped me considerably in reducing back pain from injuries.  However,
I'm gonna keep working out ... I think that's a better path to losing weight
and increasing "tone".)

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From: Chris Marsh [mailto:chris at webbtech.co.uk]

I have a somewhat bizarre request for information. I am aware of a
product called "Slendertone" that claims to tone muscle or reduce fat
(or whatever) through electrical impulses (or something). This is not a
great source of interest to me; being about as lean as they come; but I
need to find some objective information regarding the best of this type
of product on the market.

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