[thechat] Destroying linux partitions

David Wagner dave at worlddomination.net
Thu Dec 12 14:33:00 CST 2002

Ashok wrote:

> With partition magic i have not seen any drawbacks, its actually a very
> good piece of software...

I have to disagree with this -- although Partition Magic and its ilk can do
some amazing things with your drive(s), they do it by circumventing normal
processes. While they usually work fine, they can cause problems --
sometimes leading to data loss. Having provided tech support for low-level
system utility programs, I've seen this kind of problem more often than I'd

If you're backing up your data regularly, and you're confident that the
benefit of a Magical partition outweighs the risks, go for it. Otherwise,
back up now, format your drive with the partitions you want, and reinstall.
It's faster and easier than performing a recovery later, and it'll give you
better performance and stability anyway.

Good luck!


David Wagner
dave at worlddomination.net

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