[thechat] Islam -- alcohol

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Tue Dec 17 15:18:00 CST 2002

>Either the individual concerned was using religion as an excuse to be
>lazy or he was not the questioning type and had merely accepted islamic
>dogma without any thought as to how it should be applied in a
>predominantly non-islamic society.

Hi Chris,

ya know, maybe he was just making a choice.  doing the best he can do
in the world today.

the 'religion' I 'practice' says that a woman should isolate herself,
fast, and not cook, not work for 10 days every month.  this is
supposed to be a time of quiet meditation and renewal.

how well do you think this flies in contemporary America?  NOT!

everyone tries to work their own level of compromise and everyone
makes different choices.  How well your particular religion jives
with contemporary economic and social reality has a lot to do with
what kind of acrobatics you might employ to make it all fit in a way
that is personally tolerable.

btw when I lived in Nevada, 18 year olds were allowed to work in
restaurants but they were not allowed to touch any alcoholic beverage
containers.  They would have to find a co-worker 21+ with a special
license to do so.  So maybe it's not all *that* odd.


>The other possibility was that I was
>missing something, hence the question.
>Chris Marsh

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