[thechat] Evolt.org plays Santa...

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Wed Dec 25 13:52:27 CST 2002

Hi all!

What am I doing sending email on Christmas day?

Well, those nice people at Glasshaus (http://www.glasshaus.com) have
extended their generosity again and given us 4 copies of "Usability, the
Site Speaks for Itself" to give away as special Christmas presents.

The book features a great case-study on evolt.org written by our very
own Aarvark

Thanks once again to Bruce and all the folks at Glasshaus not only for
these copies, but for a whole slew of quality books.

Our random number generator has been working overtime, and picked three
members of thelist and one from thechat for the copies to go to. So,
with no more than the traditional drumroll, the winners are:

jay at matrixa.com
burgoon.5 at osu.edu
lyric at lyrically.net

jeff at members.evolt.org

For everyone else, thanks for being part of evolt.org in 2002. I think
it's been a tough year for all of us in the industry - the fact that
we're all still here and still passionate says a great deal about us as


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