[thechat] rationality is not enough (was: New Year's Resolution)

Ken Kogler kenkogler at kenkogler.com
Fri Jan 3 23:45:01 CST 2003

>>But then it'd be scientific, not spiritual, right?

>Well... perhaps. But the original assertion made by
>Syed was that spiritual stuff could be explained in
>a scientific and rational way and that it was
>scientists who were ignoring it.

>So we get into a "we can never prove that" loop?

No, we ignore the original assertion. Religion needs to stay the hell
out of science (and politics).

Sorry if that's flamebait, but in a post-modern society, can it really
be any other way?

>A spicy Tom Yam Gai soup needs to be started.
>Ah, lemon grass and chilli...

"Ah" indeed! Send me the recipe, wouldja? :)

(I'd ask you to put it on F.E.O., but the db appears to have been
cleaned out -- what happened? Anyone?)


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