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Ben Dyer ben_dyer at imaginuity.com
Tue Jan 7 09:36:00 CST 2003

At 09:17 PM 1/6/2003, you wrote:
> > You really only need one or the other (unless you're a huge fan), the
> > movie is just the four episode OAV repurposed to movie length.  Only
> > one or two new scenes if I remember...
>i was so disappointed with Macross Plus... is the movie Do You
>Remember Love? that was a gorgeous movie, even if the original
>english dub was pretty monotone... the budweiser can that flies out
>of Fokker's valkyrie as he flies into Dolza's ship is pretty funny...
>lots of those 1-frame gags...

That was the Macross II movie, right?  I've actually never seen it.  Did
they ever release it R1?

> > I caught the first episode of Macross Zero yesterday (actually, maybe
> > it's an OAV, too)...absolutely gorgeous.  An almost perfect mix of CG
> > and cel animation.
>where?  dinna even know it was out...

Found it online (bored, trawling anime IRC channels).  It's a five-episode
OAV being released one episode at a time, three months apart (jerks).  It's
actually a prequel, taking place in 2008 (I think).  Roy Fokker makes an
appearance in the first OAV and supposedly Hikaru and *shudder* Minmay make
appearances later.

There's a brief (four-page) preview of it in this month's NewType.

> > >  - I just got the DVDs of Princess Mononoke
> >
> > An excellent movie.  Everyone thought this would be the movie that
> > catapulted anime into mainstream...then they thought Spirited
> > Away...maybe the Cowboy Bebop movie in April??
>nope, Akira did it, Ghost in the Shell helped it... as far as i'm
>concerned, that's about as mainstream as it's gonna get... i remember
>people making that same comment when Gainax released Honneamise, and
>that didn't happen... there are others that stand a better chance...

Well, true.  But everyone says that the next anime movie will be the one
that thrusts anime into the limelight.  Akira certainly turned on an entire
generation of anime nerds (myself included, albeit far later than when the
movie was actually released here).

> > >delivered this morning, so my anime purchase meter is kinda depleted
> > >right now :(
> >
> > I completely understand.  I'm about to be bankrupt with new preorders:
> > Noir, .hack//SIGN, RahXephon and Mahoromatic all being released R1 in
> > Q1...Noir on preorder, .hack is next...plus keeping up with Kare Kano,
> > GTO, Excel Saga...
>wow, apparently i'm way too old school...
>doesn't anybody lament the end of great series like Dirty Pair,
>Bubblegum Crisis/Crash, Lupin, Project A-ko, etc?
>i'm really not so into the mixed CG and hand anime...

I enjoy old-school stuff, too, but it's harder for me to find.  I have the
Bubblegum Crisis box set (actually, for that matter, I have the BGC Tokyo
2040 box set, too).  Lupin III is heading for Cartoon Network very soon and
the movies are hard to get because each one is licensed by a different
company.  I have half of the original Mobile Suit Gundam series on DVD and
Getter Robo and Speed Racer...er...I mean "Mach Go Go Go" are on my
"must-buy" DVD list.

Unfortunately, everything in anime nowadays is about the latest and greatest.


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