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> From: seb potter <seb at members.evolt.org>
> > >
> > > An excellent movie.  Everyone thought this would be the movie that
> > > catapulted anime into mainstream...then they thought Spirited
> > > Away...maybe the Cowboy Bebop movie in April??
> >
> > nope, Akira did it, Ghost in the Shell helped it... as far as i'm
> > concerned, that's about as mainstream as it's gonna get... i
> > remember people making that same comment when Gainax released
> > Honneamise, and that didn't happen... there are others that stand a
> > better chance...
> Interesting position. I'd say that it was the more cartoon-style (in
> the western sense) anime of the 1980s that brought it into mainstream
> attention. Certainly, almost everyone I know remembers things like
> Battle of the Planets (G-Force!) with a great fondness that translates
> into an appreciation of the form, if not the substance.

see, that's a different angle altogether... the introduction so many
people had to anime include things like Star Blazers, Robotech,
and even G-Force... but that wasn't mainstream, that was saturday
morning cartoons to most people...

> > > >and Metropolis (the Rintaro/Katsuhiro Otomo anime adaptation of
> > > >Osamu Tezuka's manga adaptation of Fritz Lang's cinema classic!)
> > >
> > > An okay movie.  Looks beautiful to be sure, but something was
> > > missing...alas, probably Osamu Tezuka himself...
> >
> > it was gorgeous, despite the abundance of way too cartoony
> > characters... the plot, though, was a little stretched for me...
> Really? I thought it was incredible, though it did feel a little empty
> at the end. It has been a while since I saw Lang's original though...

i have the original (lang's) on DVD... i see no solid correlation
between the two -- for a myriad of reasons... sure, i understand the
influence, but i only see it as that...

> > i'm really not so into the mixed CG and hand anime...
> Really?
> "it was gorgeous, despite the abundance of way too cartoony
> characters..."

it was gorgeous, but i still don't like the blend...

> If you're not convinced about mixing CG and cell, get hold of "Blood,
> the last Vampire". Ignore the lack of any kind of plot,
> characterisation, or obvious ending, and just drool at the animation.
> There's more CG in there than is evident at first, and the mix is
> gorgeous.

i know all about Blood... saw it when it came out, enjoyed what
they did... but ultimately, hand-drawn animation mixed with CG
(not Blood, that's different, and you know what i mean) always has
(so far) way too much contrast in style...

i *like* epic scenes that are hand-drawn and detailed... it really
flows, it matches the style... hand-drawn motorcycles driving
through a CG cityscape, OTOH, look just like hand-drawn on CG,
and i think it doesn't look so good... plus i'm a purist...

and so much can be done by hand...

compare Megazone 23 part 1 and part 2... there's some good
contrast in technique for hand-drawing alone...

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