[thechat] ham (was: anime (was: mindless wanking... er...sharks))

Tony Crockford tonyc at boldfish.co.uk
Wed Jan 8 06:48:00 CST 2003

> D&D? AD&D? 3rd Edition? GURPS? MERPS? Robotech? Shadowbane? SLA
> Industries? Vampire: Masquerade? Werewolf: Apocalypse? Warhammer
> Adventures? Call of Cthulu?
> Is that a good enough start?

I still believe that one day I really will have time to sit down and
paint my warhammer Orc Army.

Of course my SO doesn't agree!

Am I the only one with an unpainted collection of Citadel miniatures
that's firmly convinced they'll be worth a fortune one day?


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