[thechat] minneapolis

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Thu Jan 9 14:44:00 CST 2003

>I'm in St. Paul. And I personally blame you for the return of cold weather
>today. ;-P


>Some kind of get-together could be fun.

BTW y'all my girlfriend took me to this place called Kit Kat Club and
no it isn't a titty bar it is the old Ragstock in Dinkytown all
draped and decorated with weird art.  And I'm sitting there drinking
bloody marys and thinking "here's where I pawed thru the discount
bin... here's where I found that weird green winter coat..."

It's owned by Loring Cafe (?) and has quite very interesting decor.
Maybe too arty opium-den for you web geeks though I don't know.


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