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Erik Mattheis gozz at gozz.com
Mon Jan 27 19:30:16 CST 2003

On Monday, January 27, 2003, at 04:30 PM, Madhu Menon wrote:
> 1) Malee - meaning "Jasmine" in Thai.

"Melee" is kinda close and has a negative, violent negative meaning  in
English (and French, from which the word was borrowed).
< http://thesaurus.reference.com/search?q=melee>

Also, the latin root mal- means "bad".

> 2) Shiok - This is the word used in Singapore for lip-smacking food.

This sounds like a degratory Yiddish term. But other than that, punchy,
to the point and sharp. I like.

How about "Me So Hungry!"?

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