[thechat] Garner for Ben

Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Tue Jan 28 11:09:54 CST 2003

At 09:43 PM 28-01-03, Joe Crawford wrote:
>I may have to try to see this Alias show.

Can you say "suspension of disbelief"?

It's an interesting show, but works in fantasy land. Unless, of course, you
believe that a woman can go for a swim in ice water that's < 0 degrees and
not die from hypothermia before she reaches her destination.

They had one episode involving an Indian diplomat. Their Hindi was
atrocious. Totally mangled the pronunciation. ;)

Methinks Jennifer Garner is a bit too skinny for this role. When I see her
kicking ass, it's not convincing enough. Turns out she's a ballerina.



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