[thechat] Presentation of food

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Jan 30 13:52:01 CST 2003

Hugh Blair sez:

>>>You don't need to serve enough to 'stuff' your patrons, but
>>>you also don't want to leave them empty and unsatisfied. There's
>>>a balance somewhere in the quantity.

<and other snipped good stuff>

Hi Hugh,


A lot of restaurants in my neck of the woods provide servings that are just
too darn large.  [Being an old married guy has it's advantages ... I can
'doggie-bag' it home and have a nice lunch or dinner the next day too!]

The micro-cutesy-cuisine always struck me as more than a little pretentious.
However, I think it might have a place in 'fancy' desserts.  How often have
you seen the dessert cart after dinner and decided you were just "too full"
to order any. Perhaps there is an opportunity here for some smaller cutesy



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