[thechat] Presentation of food

javier velasco lists at mantruc.com
Thu Jan 30 14:21:01 CST 2003

Hey Madhu:

I hate those expensive micro-servings, I avoid going to those places
(make me feel bribed). When I'm served too much, I ask for it packed to
go home: when the food is well prepared, I like to enjoy every piece of

When it comes to asian food, I *love* sharing dishes. FWIW one of the
basic concepts of asian food is to have several different tastes to have
from, and have small portions of each. This was beautifully represented
in the chinese movie "Man, Woman, Eat & Sex" (iirc the name of the
film). The movie begins with the grandpa preparing the sunday luch, he
prepares fish, chiken, beef, lots of vegetables, an array of flavors.
That film sequence is beautiful - I especially liked the way he peels
the fish in a single constant movement - and how he made the steamed
chicken (or duck?).

I'd love to get to an asian food place where I could buy half portions
of food, so instead of just going for the Bamboo Chop-suey, I'd get half
of that and half of Pekin Duck. :)

I also liked the idea of small desserts, I rarely ge to that stage in
conditions to try one, one time I did ask for dessert was because they
had an "assorted dessert" made of mini portions of their most popular
deserts, we shared a dish of that and it was only for the sake of the

Good coffee is also cool, turkish style, please. There was another place
I went -  in brazil iirc -  where they had this glass thing where they
prepared the coffe on top of your table, you could see the water boiling
and going up through this tube to the cofee recipient, and then pour
itself into a second one turned into coffee.

some ideas - hope this helps


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