[thechat] European dress codes...

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Mon Feb 3 17:12:22 CST 2003

OK, stupid question time!

In 8 days I leave Australia for a 12-month World Tour.

After Chile and Peru, I'll be wandering around Europe and then probably
settling for a few months in the UK.

Even at a time of war and high prices, my greatest worry is over footwear.

I can only spare space for 2-3 pairs of shoes, one will be my comfortable
Tailwinds, and another will be some reef-style sandals. Annnyway, that
leaves me perilously short of something likely to pass as reasonable evening
wear for the feet.

I'm assuming that bars/restaurants/clubs in Europe (France, Italy, Spain,
UK, etc) have some restrictions on entry -- i.e., closed shoes, no sneakers,

And so I need something lightweight, presentable, yet still likely to get me
in the door.

Would any of these be at all appropriate?

http://www.aquila.com.au/i/dresscas_l_03.jpg (in black or charcoal)



Actually, just thought that they might leave my feet cold. I'm not used to
having to think about the potential of really cold weather!


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