[thechat] European dress codes...

javier velasco lists at mantruc.com
Tue Feb 4 12:33:00 CST 2003

isaac wrote:

> OK, stupid question time!
> In 8 days I leave Australia for a 12-month World Tour.
> After Chile and Peru, I'll be wandering around Europe and then probably
> settling for a few months in the UK.
> Even at a time of war and high prices, my greatest worry is over footwear.
> ;)
> I can only spare space for 2-3 pairs of shoes, one will be my comfortable
> Tailwinds, and another will be some reef-style sandals. Annnyway, that
> leaves me perilously short of something likely to pass as reasonable evening
> wear for the feet.


I have not clue what a pair of tailwinds is... ok, froogle says they are running shoes. You will
probably need a pair of terkking boots (not necesarily big hiking boots, the soft type will do fine)
for Torres del Paine, you'll do a lot of walking over irregular surfaces and will want to take care
of your toes, and nights ARE cold down there.

Also if you'll walk the Inca Trail (i can't remembering if you're finally going) you will certainly
need waterproof boots, it will surely rain in there, specually since these last weeks they've had
some serious floods ;( (saw it on the news again yesterday)

good luck on the quest for the perfect shoe kit !

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