[thechat] Aeron or not?

rudy rudy937 at rogers.com
Wed Feb 5 22:43:04 CST 2003

i don't know a damned thing about chairs, i sit on an old single pedestal
wooden office chair on wheels that i picked up second hand who knows where,
and the way i avoid back pains is to get up once in a while and go do
something like visit the john or make a cuppa or run out and check the
mailbox to see if anyone has mailed me a cheque or something, but actually
the thing that prevents back pain more than anything else is frequent
sessions on the bicycle, which is also great for keeping the old butt in
shape too, if you know what i mean

anyhow, i just rediscovered dack.com -- didn't he have nothing but war stuff
on his site for a while? -- and laughed again at the bullshit generator in
the ever-lovely web section

so anyhow, dack has this page, and i thought i'd pass on the link here,
because i know somebody (tony?) was thinking about one, and i'd hate to see
somebody spend as much on a lousy chair as some people spend on food in a



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