[thechat] Getting closer

Elfur Logadottir elfur at members.evolt.org
Sun Feb 9 14:49:00 CST 2003

| Weapons of mass destruction should not be used without just cause.

In my opinion, weapons of mass destruction shouldn't be used, period.
Who's to judge what is a just cause?
And when you say it's just cause, is it really, or is it only for your
And couldn't it then be argued that *that's* exactly the argument of the
other side?

In my opinion all weapons of mass destruction should be destroyed, american
as well as those in iraq.

| When I consider Iraq and my own beliefs I conclude that something should
| done.  I think about the people in Iraq - I wonder if perhaps many of
| want Saddam gone.

That may well be the case, and looking at it from a democratic point of
view, most certainly, but couldn't the same be argued for in many other
countries, don't many Americans want Bush gone, what about all the African

| At some point, human suffering (or the threat of it) needs to be dealt
| George Bush and his followers believe that we have reached that point,

Oh, please, the war against Iraq has nothing to do with human suffering and
everything to do with cheap oil supply or other interests of isolated group
of people. Doesn't the same apply to China or many nations in Africa,
haven't the humans there suffered as much, if not more than the Iraqis? by
using the same argument, shouldn't China have been invaded years ago?


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