[thechat] Fireflys Was: Replacement of Marshmallows

Lachlan Cannon luminosity at members.evolt.org
Mon Feb 10 23:09:00 CST 2003

Erika Meyer wrote:
> I agree about the fire-flys but you know I was blown away once on the
> NW CA coast on a misty night under the redwood fronds, sporadic tiny
> but intense green glows.. it was after a spring rain and everything
> was moist... and I took a flashlight and dug down and they were
> little black and yellow grubs, glow worms!  So tiny yet so bright!
> and also in the summer time at night, there are tides that bring out
> phosphorescent organisms and it will be dark and the waves are
> crashing with this green glow... and you can walk in the wet and and
> the pressure activates these little glow bugs and every footprint
> glows with green specks for several seconds after you take a step...

Cheryl Baringer wrote:

 > One of the reasons I love night dives - being weightless and floating
 > in the dark, and every time you move, the water lights up, sparkling
 > trails of your movement. sigh... i have GOT to move closer to the
 > ocean...

Argh! Stop making me so envious! <insert pun about glowing green with
envy here/>
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