[thechat] School Science Project about video games

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Thu Feb 13 18:27:00 CST 2003

Terry wrote:

>offlist to quackamoe at yahoo.com.

offlist?  f' offlist!  share with the list!
see, if RonL had written offlist, we'd be missing gems like this.

RonL wrote:
>[the logs in the Frogger game were actually the word
>"LOOOOOOOOG" scrolling across the screen using a remapped
>character set].

"Frogger" came right after "Freeway."  Freeway is the little duck
trying to cross the Freeway.  I read somewhere that the Frogger
inventor claimed he never knew about Freeway when he came up with
Frogger, it was Zeitgeist, not a rip off.

Aside from "olympic tennis" (aka "pong") my favorite Atari home game
is Skydiver.  You push the button to release you're guy from the
plane... his arms and legs wiggle madly until you pull down on the
joystick to release the parachute... then based on wind direction,
you try to navigate to your target.

If you fail to pull your parachute in time, your guy turns into a
little flat pixel pancake upon landing... makes this
horrible/delightful crunch/splat sound...  it's so great.

something about Atari sounds I just love. The rumbly plane sounds
(the way they start and end so quickly)... the tank sound on
Combat...  the chuck chuck chuck as your remaining cities are counted
in Missile Command...  the sound of space invaders invading...

If I could just bottle those sounds.  That would be sooooo cool.


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