[thechat] The Death of Democracy...

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Fri Feb 14 08:50:00 CST 2003

Chris Marsh explained:

>>Sorry, my bad. I don't find this unpleasant per se, the unpleasantness
>>was aimed at the article behind the link


Sorry - My bad. I guess I jumped in too quickly -- I didn't initially read
the link you sent. <scans quickly and starts reading ... /> ... And quickly
quits after realizing the author wasn't kidding about being a 'conspiracy

[Damn.  I'm sorry - I just don't hold with conspiracy theorists. Bad karma
and generally a waste of my time. I find _those_ people 'unpleasant'.]

<snipped Any Rand quotes>

Sorry again.  {Gosh Chris - I didn't realize I was in "crabby old man" mode
today ... shoot ... I thought I was having a better day than that --
<shrug /> -- just hitting all the wrong buttons for me I guess,}

I'm no longer an Ayn Rand fan. I was initially. Her later books especially are
VERY well written.  But I worked my way through her stuff a looooong time ago
and decided that, (for /me personally), it wasn't happening.

{Not long ago I used to work for a guy who was a *major* fan in his youth.
When he left the company I gave him a first edition of Atlas Shrugged. I
figured he would appreciate that a lot more than I would.}

[Geez Ron ... if you can't say something nice ...]

I concur ... I'll drop off the thread now.

(Who opened his big mouth much too fast ... again.  La Vie!)


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