[thechat] boyfriend application

Tara Cleveland tara at taracleveland.com
Mon Feb 17 16:03:01 CST 2003

Erika Meyer wrote:

> (already disqualified for being female   ...control freak!)

Yah really! How come you don't have a girlfriend application form? Of course
you might ask different questions... such as,

Your idea of a "girls night" includes:
1. Pillow fights, mud masks, ice cream and romantic comedies starring Hugh
2. A vegetarian pot-luck dinner followed by each person performing their own
art, dance, poetry or folk music.
3. Intense philosophical and political discussion by the living room fire
with a bottle of wine.
4. Poker, cigars, and a bottle of bourbon.
5. Body shots, strip clubs and puking out taxi windows.
6. All of the above.
7. None of the above.

Whadda ya think?


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