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> > My host (who is a total doll)
> If I said that about my host, I'd have some serious issues (I am my own
> host!)

Aye. I am *usually* my own host, but due to
firewall/vpn/connecting-school-children-to-the-big-wide-world issues, we do
absolutely no adult hosting. Since SatinSlippers is a adult site, and for
reasons having to do with the legal safety of my own arse, SS resides in

> > installed the CPAN modules and I paid the
> > wonderful and efficient Trotts $20 to install MT for me. Works great,
> > haven't touched it since.
> Hmmm, charging for MT installs ... I know MT themselves do it, but I

The Trotts (Ben and Mena) are MT. I could have installed it myself. I
totally didn't want to. Especially considering that I needed a Windoze
installation, and I just did not need to play in that special hell.  I, for
one, was very grateful for the opportunity to pay the $20 and have someone
else do it.

They are totally ace and highly professional and I big puffy heart them.


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