[thechat] Combat mind control!

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Tue Feb 18 16:53:01 CST 2003

oh weird.  I didn't know that the aluminium hat thing was a JOKE.  I
actually knew a schizophrenic guy in Minneapolis (he used to hang out
in Dinkytown and watch the college girls) who told me he wrapped his
head in aluminum foil to keep out the signals he would get in his
head.  He talked a lot also about "triangulation signals" from the

I felt a bit sorry for him as one day he was so tired, he said *they*
had been beaming him all night with one or two lines from a Herman
Hermits song... I forget the song, but I don't know what could be
worse than an endless loop of Hermans Hermits.

Wait till one day they find that foil really does stop signals of some sort...


PS: "there but for the Grace of God go I..."

>Just came across a fabulous site that shows you the proper way to make
>aluminum foil hats to protect yourself from mind control.  Guy
>responsible for the website even has a book published by Paladin Press
>about aluminum foil and mind control.  Great stuff.
>The site loaded quite slowly for me, so it may take awhile.


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