[thechat] Combat mind control!

Judah McAuley judah at wiredotter.com
Tue Feb 18 18:01:00 CST 2003

rudy wrote:
>> Just came across a fabulous site that shows you the proper way
>> to make aluminum foil hats to protect yourself from mind control.
> hey, cool -- i blogged that a couple weeks ago
>     http://rudy.ca/quatsch.cfm
> where'd you find it?
Comment thread on MetaFilter.


> i'm always on the lookout for stuff like that
> i get a lot of links from http://presurfer.meepzorp.com/
> also linky & dinky

I'll have to check those out.  I'm a regular reader of MetaFilter and
BoingBoing.  I'm finally going to bow down to the pressure of blogging
once I get around to installing MT on the box I just rebuilt.


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