[thechat] Happy Birthday...

Chris Marsh chris at ecleanuk.com
Fri Feb 21 06:02:04 CST 2003


> Do you post this mail everyday on the list?

I do not. I suppose I could automate the process and forget about it,
but that would lack the personal touch thus defeating the object, don't
you think?

> How considerate
> for everybody's b'day...I'm impressed!

I do my best.

> Btw, you could addres
> this mail directly to the person you intended to wish ..not a

I could have done. Does it bother you that I didn't? A thousand
apologies if it did. *smacks own wrist* I won't do it again:(

> good idea? How intelligent of me.. no?

I defer to your superior intellect *bows low*. <non sequitur>I have a
headache</non sequitur>.


Chris Marsh

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